Email Template to ask a Foreign Supervisor for a Consent Letter to Avail a Scholarship

Dear Sir/Mam, I hope you are keeping in good health. I’m Rana Faraz Ahmed, a Software Engineer, a Data Scientist and a PhD Scholar from Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is offering a scholarship (INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH SUPPORT INITIATIVE PROGRAM) to its enrolled PhD scholars for a period of six months. To be able to use it, I need to get an official acceptance letter for research from […]


Django Handouts

pip install django django-admin django-admin startproject project-name python runserver python startapp app-name python migrate python createsuperuser python makemigrations python migrate After applying migration we need to register the migrated model with the admin of that app: from . models import * python shell pip install psycopg2 –> This library makes django communicate […]

How to integrate iDempiere with PHP Apps using SOAP APIs?

Useful resources regarding the subject matter are as follow: Starting Point: Web Service Security: More Info: Access APIs: http://localhost:8080/ADInterface/services To learn about CURL: To Process Response: To Beautify Response: Scenario: Integrate iDempiere with PHP application and get all Business Partners using SOAP API. Solution: First of all, we have to setup web service cofigurations […]


Callout to deduct Withholding on Invoice in iDempiere

  Note: This article significantly target scenarios of Islamia University of Bahawalpur. However, reader can use it to implement his/her own ideas. I’m writing it so that any developer from IUB can make any technical ammendents. There is another announcement that you may not like: This Call out or calculator has nothing to do with the accounting of iDempiere but […]


How to install LCO Withholding Plugin in iDempiere?

In case you have source code configured and want to install this plugin using Bash Script: Open root-directory\org.idempiere.p2\target\products\org.adempiere.server.product\(win32 or linux – depending upon your environment)\win32\x86_64 and run the following commands in the terminal with sudo access: REPO= bash $REPO This command will install all 4 interdenpendent plugins to LCO but it you need to install only Withholding Plugin […]

Some common linux commands

To remove a Read/Write Protected Folder or File run following commands in terminal: sudo su rm -R /folder-path/folder-name/ To check the status of ports: netstat -tnlp | grep 80 netstat -tnlp | grep 443 To remove appache: sudo apt purge apache* Remove xampp: sudo /opt/lampp/uninstall sudo rm -r /opt/lampp To install .run installers: First, give permissions to execute from properties […]