Some common linux commands

To remove a Read/Write Protected Folder or File run following commands in terminal: sudo su rm -R /folder-path/folder-name/ To check the status of ports: netstat -tnlp | grep 80 netstat -tnlp | grep 443 To remove appache: sudo apt purge apache* Remove xampp: sudo /opt/lampp/uninstall sudo rm -r /opt/lampp To install .run installers: First, give permissions to execute from properties […]

How to configure pgAdmin4 on live server?

After installing PostgreSQL, run this command in terminal to install PgAdmin4 on Ubuntu, sudo apt install pgadmin4 pgadmin4-apache2 -y During installation, it will ask for Email Address and Password to access. Give any email address that will be used as username and Password that will be used to access admin panel. After that you can access pgadmin4 by entering: localhost/pgadmin4/┬áin […]


How to configure source code of iDempiere?

Its a simple but tricky process. There are some common mistakes that a beginner usually do, significantly the one, not coming from Java background. So here is the step by step process to configure iDempiere source code and avoid common mistakes. Prerequisites of iDempiere are as follow: Windows and Ubuntu both works fine Postgre SQL Java Maven Eclipse IDE Environment […]