Step by step process to manage procurement and store using iDempiere:

  1. Create Warehouse against Organization.
  2. Add Business Partners and check them as Vendor, using Business Partner window.
    1. Must and Location.
  3. Add Products using Product window and register it against a Price List.
  4. Create RFQ Topic = A Head for multiple RFQs being announced under same publication.
  5. Create RFQ = Request for Quotation and Add Lines (Items)
  6. Register Subscribers against RFQ Topic when response is received by vendors.
  7. Run a Process in RFQ window: Create & Invite and take a print out.
  8. Add Price in Response Line -> Response Quantity (The bid of Vendors) in RFQ Response window
  9. Run a Process in RFQ Response window agaisnt each vendor: (Check Complete), once price is added.
  10. Run a Process in RFQ window: Rank Responses
  11. Take a print out of RFQ Response
  12. Select a winner in RFQ Response window to whom purchase committee will ask.
  13. Run a process in RFQ window: Create Purchase Order and update its document status as Complete.
  14. After creating purchase order, open Material Receipt window and select relevant Vendor.
  15. After saving the form, click Copy Lines From button and select the relevant Purchase Order against that vendor.
  16. Select Material Receipt with Confirmation in Document Type field and update its Document Status using Document Action.
  17. When inspection committee is called, add approved and scrapped items in Ship/Receipt Confirm window and set document status as Complete.
  19. Go back to Material Receipt window; open relevant record and run a Process: Create Invoice. A Vendor Invoice will be generated.
  20. To pay the invoice, open Payment window and select the relevant invoice, against specific Business Partner and pay the bills against Account Payable.

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