Press Release – Training of iDempiere – A Series of Events

Training of iDempiere – A Series of Events The Directorate of IT successfully conducted a series of events regarding iDempiere – an ERP solution to automate the Finance Department. It was the 12th event of the series of seminars and training, conducted by Mr. Rana Faraz Ahmed (Programmer). They were held at Ghotvi hall and Conference Room of Abbasia Campus. […]


How to post budget in iDempiere?

Note: This process is for iDempiere deployed at IUB not don’t follow standardised approach. Open Calender Year and Period window of iDempiere and create a new calender. After that create a new Year agaisnt that calender. Then create Periods by giving exact Months and Dates of Fiscal Year. Then open GL Budget window and create new Budget. Then add a […]

Flow of Procurement in iDempiere

Step by step process to manage procurement and store using iDempiere: Create Warehouse against Organization. Add Business Partners and check them as Vendor, using Business Partner window. Must and Location. Add Products using Product window and register it against a Price List. Create RFQ Topic = A Head for multiple RFQs being announced under same publication. Create RFQ = Request for […]