Importing products into iDempiere is a tricky but simple process. One can easily import as many products as he/she wants by following steps given below:

  1. You need to set an importing format by using Import Loader Format Window of iDempiere. In this window you need to set the sequence of columns in which you need to import products using .CSV file. As an instance:
    1. Product Search Key (DB Column Name: value) – (1st Column in CSV)
    2. Product Name (DB Column Name: name) – (2nd Column in CSV)
    3. Product Category: (DB Column Name: m_product_category_id) – (3rd Column in CSV).
    4. Note: Product Categories must be available in DB before importing products. Their PK will be used as product category code in Product Table (m_product).
  2. Once you have insert Product Categories into iDempiere using its Product Category window, and have all your products ready to be imported in CSV format, now open Import Product Window of iDempeire.
  3. On the top right corner, there’s an option available named Import File Loader. Import csv file by using Insert option and select CSV file containing all the products.
  4. Note: If the file is too large, limit to execute a query of DB may run out of time. You can increase heap memory or simply break the files into pieces.
  5. Once the file is imported, now you can import the products by clicking the Process Icon and selecting Import Products.
  6. Your products will be imported in a while.

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