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How to clone a private git repository using ssh

  About SSH keys You can use SSH to perform Git operations in repositories on For more information, see “About SSH.” If you have an existing SSH key, you can use the key to authenticate Git operations over SSH. Checking for existing SSH keys Before you generate a new SSH key, you should check your local machine for existing […]

Email Template to ask a Foreign Supervisor for a Consent Letter to Avail a Scholarship

Dear Sir/Mam, I hope you are keeping in good health. I’m Rana Faraz Ahmed, a Software Engineer, a Data Scientist and a PhD Scholar from Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is offering a scholarship (INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH SUPPORT INITIATIVE PROGRAM) to its enrolled PhD scholars for a period of six months. To be able to use it, I need to get an official acceptance letter for research from […]

Django Handouts

pip install django django-admin django-admin startproject project-name python runserver python startapp app-name python migrate python createsuperuser python makemigrations python migrate After applying migration we need to register the migrated model with the admin of that app: from . models import * python shell pip install psycopg2 –> This library makes django communicate […]